Doctor Pol Henry, creator of the method

Docteur Pol Henry

Dr. Pol Henry was born October 22, 1918 in Profondeville, Belgium.
During the Second World War, he studied medicine at the universities of Brussels (ULB) and Ghent (RUG). He graduated from the University of Louvain (UCL). Attracted to homeopathy, he turned early to the herbal medicine. Great observer of nature, through the effects of extracts of buds, he developed a new therapeutic approach. Dr. P. Henry laid down the first hypothesis that the meristem should contain all the informative energy for the development of trees. He named this new face of phytotherapy: phytembryotherapy.

Through the maceration of buds and young shoots in three different solvents (but perfectly complementary), he has found a way to extract their "essence" as a macerate.
The first single bud that he studied was birch (Betula pubescens) activates macrophages of the liver and allows drainage of Kupffer cells that had stored carbon colloid.

Humanist, very affable and highly cultured, president of the French Society of Biotherapy, Dr. P. Henry published the foundations of his method and clinical results of its new herbal approach in 1970. Through its many conferences, both in Belgium and abroad, Dr. Henry P. gained an international reputation.
All those who knew him agree that this man was animated by great courage, a deep desire to help his patients and great kindness. He was a tireless worker, he received his patients often late and spent some of his free time observing nature and its mysteries, especially the energy of trees.

In 1982, Dr. Henry P. developed a computer program that, based on examination results o serum globulin, allowed doctors to receive a phytotherapeutic notice in phase with the biology of the patient.

Dr. Henry P. died Oct. 7, 1988 at his private residence, surrounded by his wife and Mrs. Leunis.

Dr. Pol Henry created this new method in 1959 and published his work in 1970 under the name:

Phytembriothérapie, Pol Henry, 1970
« Phytembryothérapie », Édition de 1970

Phytembryotherapie, Manuscrit de 1959



The inspirer of Pol Henry’s method:

The first inspirer of Phytembryotherapy was probably Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, with his ground work "The metamorphosis of plants", Ed.Triade.
Even before, St. Hildegarde of Bingen (1098-1178) used to advise buds of apple, birch, blackcurrant, chestnut, ash, silver linden.
Pol Henry, well known homeopath in Brussels in the middle of the last century, developed the method from a biochemical basis in which, every bud matched with complete biological characteristic data. When he found this biological profile in the patient, he prescribed the bud. Read his book ”Phytembryotherapy”.
Later, Max Tétau, future president of the Medical Society of biotherapy, was the promoter of clinic Gemmotherapy. Read "New Clinical Gemmotherapy" to Ed Similia.
Do not forget Dr. Bergeret who wrote little, but did a lot for bud’s clinic.
In Belgium, we also have to mention the work of Jean-Claude Leunis, biologist from Brussels, who greatly improved the method of Pol Henry. (Approach related to natural and biochemical ground).

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