The extraction method of the energy contained in buds, developed by Pol Henry in the 60s, is, in fact very different from that used for gemmotherapy.

The basis : mother maceration 1:20

The mother maceration is obtained with 1kg of plant, dry weight, (equivalent to 3 to 6 kg of fresh plant, depending on the humidity) in 20kg (20 liters) of solvent.
We first use freshly harvested wild or from semi-culture embryonic plant tissues : young shoot, buds or rootlets.

This is calculated at the complete dehydratation of the plant, (rootlets are dryer than buds than are drier than young shoots).

No high temperature that kills plant extraction, no freezing which alters cell structure of the plant, no crushing.

The difference between Phytembryotherapy and Gemmotherapy

Phytembryotherapy Gemmotherapy
Phytembryotherapy is based on the method of Dr. Pol Henry, the "macerate-concentrate" which is made with water, alcohol and glycerin without being diluted. Gemmotherapy is based on the "glycerine macerate 1D" which is made without water, just with alcohol and glycerin and is 10 times diluted.
Phytembryotherapy belongs to phytotherapy Gemmotherapy belongs to homeopathy
Not diluted 10 times diluted (1D).
Proposes macerates concentrated with active principles for a therapeutic use Proposes mother macerates diluted for an homeopathic use

The original methods

The Method of Dr Pol Henry: concentrated macerate

Phytembryotherapy sold by Seroyal Genestra
(Phyto-Gen products)

Glycerin macerate 1D or 1st D in Hahnemann first decimal

Gemmotherapy sold by Seroyal Unda

  • 1st step: Fresh buds keep entire
  • 1st step: Fresh buds are crushed
  • 2nd step: 20 days 1 : 20 maceration in
    • 33 % water
    • 33 % plant glycerin (organic, non GM, rapeseed plant-base)
    • 33 % alcohol at 96° (from organic rye)
    • Constantly slowly agitated
  • 2nd step: Maceration 1:20 in
    • 50 % glycerin
    • 50 % alcohol at 96°
  • 3rd step: Filtration by gravity
    • Recovery of 12 to 13 kg of filtrate
  • 3rd step: Filtration
  • 4th step: Extraction by gentle pressure, not to lyse buds tissues
    • Recovery of 2 to 5 kg of extract
  • 4th step: Extraction by (very !!!) important pressure
  • 5th step: mixing of the extract from 3rd and 4th steps
    • Getting from 14 to 18 liters of concentrated macerate
  • 5th step: Dilution 1:10 in
    • 16 % water
    • 34 % alcohol (96°)
    • 50 % glycerin

Solvents used in Pol Henry’s method

Each solvent can extract different active principles:

Water has a double action.
  • It plays a role in transmitting the energy of the bud to which Dr Pol Henri attached great importance.
  • It plays a role in extraction of active ingredients :
    • Water-soluble derivatives
    • Tannins
    • Minerals
    • Water-soluble flavonoids
    • Water-soluble vitamins
    • Some water-soluble acids
  • It plays a role in the extraction of active ingredients :
    • Alkaloids
    • Heterosides
    • Glycosides
    • Some acids
  • The vegetable glycerin is extracted from Rapeseed.
  • Rapeseed oil is transformed by a process of di-esterification.
  • Its oil content is 50 to 68%.
  • Glycerol plays a role in the extraction of active ingredients:
    • Essential oils: phenols...
    • Fat-soluble flavonoids
    • Fat-soluble vitamins
    • Some acids.

Advantage between concentrate and 1DH glycerin macerate

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